Mackay Park

"The Inside About The Outside"
by Barry A. Ganzhorn Sr.
Howdy Folks,
    I am so blessed to be able to continue my outdoor writings on the new Village of Caledonia website.  I want to thank the Village Board for this great opportunity.  As in the past, I will be writing about the happenings in the Caledonia outdoors.  I will be giving you updates on the Mackay Wildlife Preserve and Richard Thomas Overlook. I will bring you information pertaining to individual accomplishments related to the Caledonia outdoors.
    I will have a new section called "The Loss of a Friend".  This will be dedicated to anyone that has lost a pet of any kind.  Pets are very close and wonderful friends.  The loss of one is very heart-breaking.  I will give the person whom has lost the pet a place to show a picture of their pet and write a small story about that pet.  I have found that venting equals healing.
    So there you are.  I will be writing every other month starting in February and hope that you enjoy my writings about what is going on in Caledonia’s out doors.
    God Bless,
    Barry (please click here to send me a message)

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