Public Works Water Department

The DPW is responsible for operation and maintenance of the Village water system. The goal of the department is to provide a safe and reliable source of drinking water to the people of Caledonia. Operation of a water system is a 24/7 365 day a year responsibility. The employees of the DPW are NYS certified water operators. To become a water operator, employees must take and pass a NYS water operators exam. There are different grades of water operators and each grade requires an exam. Grade D are distribution operators, and grades A & B are treatment plant operators.


  • Serves 2500 people including
    Town water districts

  • 20 miles of water main

  • 150 hydrants

  • 307 mainline & hydrant valves

  • 902 service connections

  • 2 water storage tanks

  • 4 meter vaults

  • 1 water control facility


  • Operation & maintenance (O&M)
    of distribution system

  • O & M of hydrants, valves, and services

  • O & M of storage tanks (painting, cleaning, etc.)

  • Daily and monthly sampling

  • Leak detection

  • Dig safe stakeouts

  • New water main and service installation

  • Respond to customer inquiries

  • Mow facilities

Water Department

Village of Caledonia, NY

3095 Main Street | Caledonia, NY 14423


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Village of Caledonia, NY

3095 Main Street

Caledonia, NY 14423

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