Officer Introduction

Chief of Police Daniel Chapman is a lifelong resident of the
Caledonia-Mumford community. Chief Chapman began his
career in 1987 as a volunteer with the Caledonia Fire Department.
He began working as a paid emergency service employee in the
Livingston County Sheriff’s Department as a 911 Dispatcher. He
progressed in the department to the jail division and then to
road patrol. Chief Chapman was then offered a full-time firefighter
position in Greece, NY and moved into another area of public
service. Fortunately, Bill Schneider, then head of the CPD, hired
him as a part-time Police Officer so he could continue in police
work. Dan has been with the Caledonia Police Department since
May of 2000. In 2010, the Officer in Charge in the village moved
to another law enforcement agency and Officer Chapman was
asked to take the job on a temporary basis. Some improvements
were made within the department during that time because of the cooperation and contributions
of the excellent group of officers within the department, particularly Officer Jared Passamonte.

Officer Chapman then successfully the training and passed the NYS Sergeant’s exam and the Village Board of Trustees appointed him to head the CPD in September of 2010. Sergeant Chapman continued his studies in law enforcement. In 2011 he took and successfully passed the NYS Chief’s test which resulted in his being appointed Chief of Police for the Village of Caledonia.

He attended a specialized course on the resources available to police departments throughout NYS on tactics in protecting and saving children.  This seminar is presented by the Department of Justice and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  Officer Todd Estabrooks also attended a training seminar on the same topic.  In addition to full-time Police Officer Todd Estabrooks, the force includes Senior Officer Jared Passamonte and Officer Nick Truax.  The department also has four part-time Police Officers.  They are Joel Arney, Evan Bruckel, Mike Burnside and Mark Pettis.  The Caledonia Police serve as School Resource Officer for the Caledonia-Mumford Central School and are present full-time at all three schools daily.  They work closely with the other departments in the village and teach bicycle safety programs at the Caledonia Recreation summer park program.  They work with the Caledonia Fire Department to help with car-seat inspections and safety checks.  

The police force continuously strives to keep the Village and surrounding areas safe for all our citizens. In order to do this, they exercise vigilance and investigative expertise. To truly understand what they are required to do on a day to day basis we urge you to attend Village Court on DA nights or a Village Board meeting where they give a report of all their activities for any given month. The Caledonia Police Department does far more than issue traffic tickets as simply one visit to either of these forums will verify.
Police Department
Village of Caledonia, NY
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