Mayor DiLiberto's Letter
posted 5/04/2018
The mayor's letter can be viewed here (PDF).
Medication Drop-off Box
posted 09/01/2016
The Caledonia Police Department has a
medication drop-off box for our residents
to properly dispose of unwanted medication. 
It is located at 3095 Main Street in the
Village Clerk’s Office vestibule. This is
a “no questioned asked” drop box.  Please
do not drop needles or liquids into the
box.  If you have any questions, please
contact the Caledonia Police Department
at (585) 538-6200.

Thank you – Chief Dan Chapman

Village of Caledonia, NY
Village of Caledonia
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Welcome to the Village of Caledonia, NY website.  Our goal is to provide easy access to information that will be helpful to residents and others who have an interest in our community.

- Scott DiLiberto, Mayor of the "Village by the Springs"
3095 Main Street | Caledonia, NY 14423
County Recreation Center in Livingston County
posted 06/11/2018
Livingston County is exploring the feasibility of developing a multi-generational community/recreation center for our County.  Community input is critical to better understanding the demand and viability of such a project.  The County is collecting responses for the next three weeks (with a goal of 1,000 responses). Can you please help spread the word about this survey to your constituents, friends, family, etc  The more diverse response we receive, the better the results.  Thanks you in advance for your assistance.  Also below for your information is a link to a Livingston County news article about the project.  Thanks!

Survey link:

Livingston County News:
A Letter from Mayor DiLiberto
posted 7/02/2018
The mayor's letter can be viewed here (PDF).
Village Board Meeting Minutes
posted 2/20/2019
The meeting minutes for the January 2nd  Village Board meeting can be viewed here.
Chamber of Commerce Meeting
posted 3/08/2019
We would like to encourage all the businesses, churches, and the school to consider joining the Chamber as it will benefit all involved through networking, advertising, events and social media. The Chamber meeting will be at the Mumford Library on Tuesday, March 19th at 6PM. More here.
Mackay Wildlife Preserve Fundraiser
posted 3/08/2019
Help save the 26-acre pristine wood and wetlands from being logged away! More here (PDF).